Your Websites Matter, with Trevor Mauch

Episode 263:

Trevor Mauch is the CEO of Carrot, one of the nation’s fastest growing companies according to Inc Magazine, where they have helped the nations top real estate investors and agents pull in over 3 million online leads in just 5 years… closing thousands of deals… with their software and training.

Trevor lives in Roseburg, Oregon with his wife and 3 kids, and is passionate about using business to fuel your passion and to amplify the impact you want to make in the world.

Part of the impact he’s passionate about making is helping entrepreneurs unleash that entrepreneurial dream of finally unlocking that FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY, FINANCES, and IMPACT that you’ve dreamed of but haven’t been able to fully make happen.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Trevor started his company, Carrot, and decided to move into the online real estate space
  • Why popular lead generation methods lose effectiveness over time, as more and more investors begin using those methods
  • Why you need to be “problem aware” to have effective marketing for your real estate business
  • How to get a copy of the “Preframe Your Prospects” and testimonial templates from Trevor and Carrot
  • Why one negative statement or review has an oversized impact on your business and its reputation
  • Why it’s important to point out your unique strengths and qualities to stand out from the competition
  • Why testimonials can help you overcome the most common objections and concerns sellers may have
  • How Trevor gets excellent testimonials from sellers by asking for feedback
  • Why your website’s URL should reflect your business and the solutions it offers in the best possible way
  • What kinds of websites Carrot specializes in, including owner financing, rent-to-own, land sales, note buying and more


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