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Humans as we are, we all need a break–time-off from our busy lives professionally and even at home. What better way to unwind from it all than an amazing vacation, particularly one that surrounds you with like-minded real estate investors from all over the country? Mitch Stephen invites you to a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on May 6th through 10th. Relax through days with no seminars, no conference room, no selling, and no credit cards. All you have are good company and an unforgettable learning experience. Join Mitch in this episode as he gives you the details.

I want to invite you to vacation with me and many of my friends in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on May 6th through the 10th. It’s a four-night, five-day all-inclusive resort, which includes drink and food. It’s $979 per double occupancy and includes transfers to and from the airport. You’ll have to add your airline ticket to that number or whatever your flight costs. It’s going to be a wonderful time. Let me tell you about the trip. First of all, there will be no seminar. There is no conference room, no selling, no run to the back of the room with your credit card. We’re on vacation with a bunch of like-minded real estate investors from all over the country. I’ve done this now for several years in a row.

In the first year, I had fifteen people show up. The reason why I did this was I talked to or communicate via the internet or online or social media with many people, but I never got to meet them. I said one day, “Let’s have a vacation.” I’m going to be on this vacation. I have no agenda. I don’t know when I’m getting up. I don’t know when I go to sleep. I don’t know anything except I’m going to be there. Come and join me. In the second year, about 28 people showed up. The third year, about 58 people showed up and then it got to the subsequent year around 88 to 100 people because some people came and went on their journey. It was a good time and despite what you might think, it’s a huge learning experience that doesn’t cost you anything.

Let’s face it, $979 plus let’s say airline ticket is $400. That’s $1,350. You’ve got to subtract everything you eat and everything you’d drink in those 4 to 5 days because it’s all included. You also can subtract your gas bill from your truck. If you live in a place where you can shut the AC off or the heat off when you leave, then you can take a week’s worth of that bill and throw it in the trashcan. That’s what you’re spending. Beyond that, these people are coming from all around the nation. Most of the time, you’re not in competing markets with anybody or you can get in groups where you’re not in a competing market. You can have discussions where people speak freely about how things are working and what’s working for them.

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It’s hugely educational. You wouldn’t think at first because it’s not that organized. When you get a whole bunch of people that do the same thing in one resort, what do you think we talk about? We talk about real estate. We don’t know anything else to talk about. That’s what most of us are in love with and been doing for decades. When you arrive on the first day, May 6th, there will be a little arrival party somewhere. We ask that you send in a picture and a bio of you and your significant other or your spouse or whoever you’re traveling with. Where are you from? What’s your strategy? What do you do? How long have you been in business? A short bio, so people can get a feel for what kind of investor or what kind of strategy you use. We’ll hand out that bio at the arrival party that first evening so that everybody can see who’s there.

We’ll all be connected by WhatsApp. You can talk to the entire group, “Does anybody want to go deep-sea fishing in two days? We’re thinking about setting up a trip,” or “Who wants to play golf?” You might be more specific. You might narrow it down to like, “There are five guys that do apartments and they’re all over the nation and different states. I would like to see if those five guys want to play golf because I want the apartment guys to go.” You could hit up the apartment guys and see if you could strike up some day-excursion with your apartment buyers. It’s cool. It will be organized.

We will have a few scheduled discussion groups or discussion times. They’ll probably be at the pool bar or a certain pool or on the beach or something fun because we’re not going to sit in the conference room and have a meeting in paradise. I see no point in going to paradise and then sitting in a conference room. We’ll have a meeting probably in the pool and no person is going to get up and give a lecture or tell anyone how to do anything. It’s going to be a discussion. That might be a leader of that discussion group who knows what he’s talking about and he may open the discussion.

REIS Bonus | Vacation With Mitch

Vacation With Mitch: There’s never a shortage of knowledge or expertise on this 2020 vacation and a whole lot of fun doing what real estate investors do.


For example, I may open a discussion about selling your houses with seller financing or owner financing, but I’m not going to stand up there and give a dissertation. I need the group to chime in. It’s more like a meetup or discussion group. It’s not listening to the guy standing on the steps of the pool. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about everyone participating. It’s the one leader or the organizer of that one discussion will get up and kick the meeting off, get things rolling, start asking questions of people, asking people to chime in. It’s up to you all to chime in because honestly, we’re on vacation, but they have asked me if I could get a little more organized and get a little more connectivity and maybe one discussion per day or three out of the five days. If we have some other bigger names come, I’ve had people like Eddie Speed come, I’ll assign them to open a discussion group about buying or selling notes because that’s what he does. If someone’s there that has a lot of apartments, I might say, “Can you open up a discussion group for those people?”

I have to look at the profiles of everyone to see who’s coming, to see who has the expertise and of what level of investor they are. There’s never a shortage of knowledge or expertise on this vacation and we have a whole lot of fun doing what we do. I hope you go to 1000Houses.com/vacation2020. Check it out and register. Don’t wait because we’re filling up pretty fast. We have a lot of repeat people, but we also have a lot of new people coming too. The repeat people are excited to come and bring someone that they’ve told about the experience. Please go to the website and check it out. I hope to see you there on Vacation With Mitch.

If you’re an expert in your field and you’re a leader and you have a group or a following and you would like to advertise like Eddie Speed one time when he came. He advertised “Vacation With Mitch and Eddie.” If you’re one of those guys out there that has a following or a group or REIA, I’d like to talk to you about advertising to your group. Vacation With Mitch and insert your name and then let’s see who can come. The more, the merrier but we’ve got to jump pretty quick because May 6th comes and there are some deadlines. If we need some extra rooms, we need to know early. Check it out. If you need to talk to me personally, (210) 669-4020, that’s my cell phone. Text me or call me and we’ll hook up. Thank you very much. I hope to see you on Vacation With Mitch.


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