Get a Free Book and CD today

Get a Free Book and CD today

Get a Free Book and CD today

How would you like to pay your rent or mortgage for an entire year with just one real estate deal you can get under contract on a less than part-time basis?

The secret real estate entrepreneur Lance Edwards discovered about wholesaling and investing in small apartments led to his own escape from the 9-to-5 rat race in 2007, and now he wants to help you attain financial freedom in only three to five years. 

My good friend, Lance Edwards, wants to give you a free copy of his No. 1 best-selling real estate book,  “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments, ” wherein you will learn the proven strategy he used to build his own multi-million dollar business, including:

– Why small apartments are a low-competition, high-yield space in the real estate market…
– How you can get that critical first deal done with no cash or credit of your own, and no bank qualifying…
– How to find and evaluate multifamily deals based on the financials, sight unseen, and…
– The key to leveraging your time and resources in small apartments to multiply your wealth faster than single-family properties…

In addition, he will be including a free CD titled “How Anyone Can Make Big Money in Small Apartments.” This is a special interview with Ron LeGrand, real estate investment expert, and Lance discussing the benefits of investing in small apartments.

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