Foreclosed REO – How to Investigate

By Mitch Stephen / August 14, 2016 / Comments Off on Foreclosed REO – How to Investigate

A buyer in SC once asked me my opinion on a home that was going up for auction. The balance owed was $47k and the current market analysis valued the property at $140k. A Foreclosed REO – How to Investigate.

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Private Lender Protects Buyer

By Mitch Stephen / March 29, 2015 / Comments Off on Private Lender Protects Buyer

Here’s a recent question I had on a webinar: Question about the guarantee to the buyer if you default on your payments? The OPM/private money lender has the 1st lien on the property so they have the property as collateral but what recourse does the homeowner have? What Happens to the Buyer/Occupant of a Wrap-Around…

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By Mitch Stephen / January 9, 2015 / Comments Off on PAINFUL FORECLOSURE PROCESS

Does Your state have a lengthy and expensive foreclosure process? If the foreclosure process is weighted in the occupant/owners favor there are most likely other choices. You may want to do a “Contract for Deed” (Sometimes called a “Land Contract). “Lease Options” work for other states but I don’t even like the name; option? I…

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