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Jonathan Fly: RE Attorney / FORECLOSURE Process in Texas

By Mitch Stephen / September 26, 2017 / Comments Off on Jonathan Fly: RE Attorney / FORECLOSURE Process in Texas

RE Attorney / FORECLOSURE Process in Texas Jonathan Fly’s practice focuses primarily on real estate transactions and litigation. On the transactional side, Mr. Fly negotiates the sale and financing of properties, prepares the real estate documents, and closes the sale. As a litigator, he has chaired several jury trials, numerous administrative law hearings, and has…

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Foreclosed REO – How to Investigate

By Mitch Stephen / August 14, 2016 / Comments Off on Foreclosed REO – How to Investigate

A buyer in SC once asked me my opinion on a home that was going up for auction. The balance owed was $47k and the current market analysis valued the property at $140k. A Foreclosed REO – How to Investigate.

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Private Lender Protects Buyer

By Mitch Stephen / March 29, 2015 / Comments Off on Private Lender Protects Buyer

Here’s a recent question I had on a webinar: Question about the guarantee to the buyer if you default on your payments? The OPM/private money lender has the 1st lien on the property so they have the property as collateral but what recourse does the homeowner have? What Happens to the Buyer/Occupant of a Wrap-Around…

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By Mitch Stephen / January 9, 2015 / Comments Off on PAINFUL FORECLOSURE PROCESS

Does Your state have a lengthy and expensive foreclosure process? If the foreclosure process is weighted in the occupant/owners favor there are most likely other choices. You may want to do a “Contract for Deed” (Sometimes called a “Land Contract). “Lease Options” work for other states but I don’t even like the name; option? I…

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