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NEW FEATURE: now can “Text Merge.” Text Merge merges details specific to the text recipient into an otherwise generic text. Look at it like “Mail Merge” for email. Merging makes all the difference. Let’s look at the stunning contrast of a generic text vs. a text with Text Merge;


Would you consider selling a property to me?



Would you consider selling 123 Main Street to me?


People who can recognize they’re on a mass text are more likely to ignore you or get upset with you. If you send out a text with the recipient’s first name at the top of the message and the address their property in the body of the message, your text is more likely to be taken seriously and considered a “personal” text by the recipient.


When it comes to bulk texting, the biggest No-No is to send out text messages with completely unrelated content. If you send out “I want to buy a house” to a group of Realtors, you’re probably not going to catch much flack…especially if it’s personalized with the receiver’s first name.


If you send out information on “cheap vacation travel” to bunch of Realtors, expect flack!


An easy UNSUBSCRIBE is a great solution. Every text you send from LiveComm automatically gets tagged with “Text STOP 2end” at the of you message. This is key!


As far as getting blackballed from the phone company carriers;


We have a sliding scale that won’t allow you to send more than 200 text messages per day per phone #. Right now, the algorithms seem to be at 250 text messages per phone#. LiveComm asks…


    • How many people do you want to
    • How many days can we take to
       get all these text messages out?
       The more days you allow to get
       the message out, the less
       phone#s you need.


If you want to get out 1,000
text messages in 1 day, you have
to own full time (or buy for a one
time shot) 5 ph#s; 5 numbers X
200 text = 1,000 text message out
in 1 day.


If you can take 5 days to reach the 1,000 people with a text, then you only need 1ph#; 1ph# sending out 200 text message for 5 days in a row…200 text messages X 5 days = 1,000 Text messages.


An extra full-time phone# costs only $2 per month; hardly a deal killer.


However, you can buy extra numbers to accommodate one mass text you need to get out in a hurry.
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