Dixie Decker: Student Housing: 3X the Cash Flow

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Why Invest In Student Housing? The simple answer is, YOU get 2 to 3 times the average single family rental rate coming in secured each and every month by multiple tenants and their parents!

I interviewed Dixie Decker recently and she is on fire with this strategy. So I just could not wait to tell you more about it.

Check out her Podcast Interview here

She raised over $5 Million in private money in three years and now collects 152 checks a month!

We’ve Scheduled A Three Day Seminar and Bus Tour Sept 29,30 and Oct 1st plus an evening kick off on Sept 28th In Springfield, MO

In This Live Training You Will Learn:

  • How will I finance the houses with no money or credit? 
  • How do I choose the right property?
  • It’s a niche market, is there enough for me?
  • How do I collect more than one check on one house?
  • On Average $525 per room vs $750 for the whole house
  • How do I compete with the other investors in the same area? Hint, there is no competition the way I do it.
  • How to Guerilla Market to find highly qualified tenants.
  • Collect rent year-round, virtually no vacancies ever even when school is out.
  • Where to locate perfect properties amongst the apartments and dorms around campuses.
  • What are the exact cosmetic items needed in these homes to get TOP DOLLAR rents?
  • Herd the tenants to you so they’re fighting over who gets to live there.
  • How to change over properties in 24 hours or less.
  • Learn our 5 best-kept secrets to stay occupied all 12 months when school is 7-8 months
  • 7 Must Know tricks on how to manage students with very little effort.
  • Maximize your profit margins in single family rentals.
  • Key to collecting money without leaving home.
  • Minimize expenses with virtually no tenants’ repairs or damages
  • And Much More

The cost is only $1997 per couple/business partners which is the cheapest you can get anywhere!

And you’ll receive a complete manual with all the secrets Dixie learned the hard way.

To your success,



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