A Real Estate Agent Asked Me: What type of properties are you looking for?

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Dear Realtor,

I buy houses you’d think about buying yourself but can’t or don’t.

Please think of me second.

You will instinctively recognize the types of deals I’m talking about when you run into them. 

I can close with cash and I can close remarkably fast if I have to (4 working days). 

As a general rule, I do NOT flip my contracts. I have my own funds, or private funds, or bank credit lines.

I buy houses in every part of town.

I consider houses in all price ranges.

The question is, “How can I make the seller happy and leave some room for my company to make a profit?” It’s not any different than your company’s goal.

There are far more ways to be successful in the house buying business than just the one strategy of buy at a low cash price, rehab, and then sell at the current market value.

In general, I like to buy houses and then “owner finance” them for about double, but, there are ways to pay market price and profit from selling at the same exact price. 

I can take properties SUBJECT TO their existing mortgage.

I have done short sales with lender.

I have bought defaulted mortgages. 

I’ve traded property for property.

There are a lot of ways! 

It’s hard to explain 20 years and 1500+ houses and

all the possibilities a transaction engineer can come up with.

I am extremely interested in the listings you turn down.

We can set aside those sellers who simply “want too much.” 

I’m interested in sellers on short fuses for big reasons. 

I’m interested in sellers that are upside down. 

I am interested in houses that will NOT qualify for a traditional loan. 

I am interested in people who need to borrow money on a free and clear “Non-Owner Occupied” property. 

I’m interested in local investors that need quick/short term money to take down the deal they found. 

I am interested in people who want to loan money and have valuable real estate as their collateral…get paid or get the property…either way should be sufficient! 

I am interested in buyers who need an “Owner Financed” property to live in.

You know when you bump into a seller who needs an investor style offer.

You know when you run into people that are tired of gambling in the stock market for a decent return on their money. You know when you cannot help a Seller who needs to sell quickly.

I’d like to be introduced to these people you meet and I will pay you for the connection/referral. Most deals are very unique. We can talk about the compensation per deal. 

There is a reason I buy so many houses. I’m known for paying for the connection…for over 20 years!

I look forward to reviewing your referrals for the possibilities.



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