Testimonials Help Find Investors and Sellers

Having a professionally built website gives you a greater chance of being on the
first page of google when you want to find investors and sellers are searching for investors to buy their property fast!

Testimonials are a great addition to your website and actually help to increase your Google ranking. Video testimonials also give sellers some extra added confidence that you’re for real and actually have the experience and funds to close the deal.

Remember, you can increase your chance to be on the first page of Google by limiting the geographic area you want to be found in.

For example, trying to be at the top of the google search results for the nation is much more difficult than trying to be at the top of the search results for Florence, AL or Canyon Lake, TX. Simply put, there’s less competition in smaller towns.

If you live in a big, competitive city and you want to compete for leads using your house buying website, be sure to include the smaller townships around you. There may be a lot less competition there.

For the record, I’ve never received a video testimonial without asking for it. It’s best to ask for the testimonial in the day the seller receives their check. They are very happy and generally all smiles.

Use your smart phone, keep it short, and make sure you’re in the right light. Don’t be afraid to coach them on a few lines if what to say…and always have them say the URL address of your website.

Here’s a video testimonial I received recently.

Today I’m adding this testimonial to my house buying website: Cash4Houses.NET

Joe & Rene sold me their investment doublewide on a half acre in Canyon Lake, TX over the phone from Destin, FL. I asked for a video testimonial. This is what the sent.

Could it be better? Always! Is it real? Absolutely! Is it going to be effective? You bet! …because it’s real!

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