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I wanted to let you know that I will be in Dallas, TX [April 20-22] for a 3-day live training for real estate investors with my friend Brant Phillips!

Brant and I will be collaborating together with my Private Money Changes Everything and Brant’s training on Successful Real Estate Investing.

This event will cover everything you need to know about how to create a successful and sustainable Real Estate Investing Business with Brant’s 7 Fundamentals:


Just like in all fields of human endeavor, your attitude and mindset will dictate how far you will go and how much you will accomplish.

  1. DEAL FLOW  

You must quickly learn how to create deal flow in your business, or you don’t stand a chance. Not only will you learn how to set up Direct Marketing campaigns, but you’ll also learn how to utilize OPT (Other Peoples Time) to bring you deals. Brant will also show you how to open up multiple Deal Flow “Lead Valves”.


You will learn the critical factors that will help you determine whether or not to proceed with a particular deal: After Repair Value, Comparative Market Analysis, Days on Market etc. Knowing all these factors will help you ensure each deal you take down will yield profits. Better yet, you will learn how to Evaluate your deals quickly and easily using this system.


Learn the difference between making a Blind Estimate and an accurate Estimate and become an expert at doing both – this will help you evaluate deals effectively and accurately.


Learn how to use O.P.M. (Other people’s Money) for your deals. Raising capital is the #1 Skill that every Real Estate Entrepreneur needs to have in their arsenal to succeed in this business.  Not having money to invest is NOT an excuse! PRIVATE MONEY is the big subject in real estate investments and make no mistake about it, we are going to walk you entirely through how to obtain more money than you could ever invest!


Learn Brant’s unique system of ‘5 Phases of Rehab’ and how to integrate them into your business to assure that your renovation projects move smoothly, on time and on budget to satisfy the 3 Goals of a Rehab: Budget, Time & Quality.

  1. INCOME GENERATION: Multiple Exit Strategies

One of the absolutely critical fundamentals of a successful and sustainable investing business is to focus on buying deals that have MULTIPLE EXIT STRATEGIES. Brant will show you how to create a business so that allows you to thrive in any market by focusing on deals that provide at least four ways to generate income:


The Art of Owner Financing: Mitch Stephen has been owner financing in his home town for over 22 years. He has done over 1,500 deals and continues to buy an average of 100 houses a year. Mitch created The Art of Owner Financing and does not skip a beat.

For more information and to get your tickets to this event, Click Here 

Right now, tickets are on sale for $297! Grab them now because seating is limited!

I hope to see you there, 



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Mitch Stephen is author of the book “My Life & 1,000 Houses.”

He specializes in a real estate investing technique called Owner Financing

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