LinkedIn – You Gain More By Being Helpful


LinkedIn – Gain More By Being Helpful

LinkedIn isn’t a numbers game the way some people use Facebook and Twitter. You don’t want to randomly send out requests for people to connect with you to build up a meaningless network. Before sending out any message, put some thought into why connecting with a specific person will benefit both of you. Then include that logic in your invitation.

When you are rewarded with a new 1st level connection don’t immediately start telling them that YOU have that they NEED. You wouldn’t like it if you stepped into an elevator and a person whom you don’t know at all launched into a sales presentation trying to set up an appointment to tell you more!

You’d be offended and probably get off at the next floor even if it wasn’t the one you wanted. Do not become the offensive elevator person on LinkedIn! The secret to success on LinkedIn is to invest in building a relationship BEFORE seeking to do business.

This is where most marketing people have their first disconnect when it comes to prospecting on LinkedIn. They assume that any new 1st level connection is a warm body (i.e. possible prospect) that should immediately hear all about what they have and how it will change the person’s life… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

Respecting LinkedIn’s culture means that you focus on one win at a time.
Your first WIN is gaining a new 1st level connection.

Your next WIN is becoming someone your network comes to know, like and trust. You accomplish that by sharing helpful updates and long form posts that your network will appreciate.

Your final WIN is having a connection reach out to you wanting more information about your products and services.

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