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You probably heard all the buzz that Fred Rewey and Tracy Z literally changed the [note] game again last month by offering, for the first time, a private coaching membership.

This was BIG.

For starters, Fred and Tracy have over 50 years combined experience in buying, selling, and brokering note deals. For them to offer their entire Note Tools Library AND personalized coaching, well, that was a blockbuster.

But…there was one problem.

Tracy and Fred only offered it to their existing clients. So many savvy entrepreneurs never even had the chance to get in on the action.

Matter of fact, if you go to the site, there is a waiting list.

I contacted Fred and Tracy and asked them to open up the exclusive membership for my friends as well.

Needless to say, it took a bit of convincing, but I was able to grab all of us a brief window of time to get in on the action…but you need to act now!

The benefits of this membership are unbelievable.

You will receive FULL ACCESS to their entire Note Tools Library (including Finding Cash Flow Notes, How to Calculate Cash Flows, Personal Profit Series: Notes, and more),

Exclusive invite to their Member-Only Webinars,

Access to their Private Facebook Group,

Direct Contact to Fred and Tracy via their personal emails AND a Help Desk,

And much, much more.

This is the special page where you can sign up for the membership.

This is thousands of dollars’ worth of knowledge, for a low monthly membership cost.

Go HERE now to grab your spot before the clock runs out.

All the best,





P.S. Seriously, I have seen a lot of memberships that are big on promises and short on substance. Fred and Tracy are THE players when it comes to building a note business for immediate or long-term income. The membership doors are open HERE.



Mitch Stephen is author of the book “My Life & 1,000 Houses.”

He specializes in a real estate investing technique called Owner Financing

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