Special Provisions for Real Estate Contracts

Real estate concept. Keys, money, small house and contract over white.

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So this Monday on Q&A we’re going over the Texas promulgated contract and discussing how to write a great contract to BUY an investment property.

Now, a lot of my students aren’t from Texas so they may be thinking to skip this Q&A, however, I do use some killer “Special Provisions” and they apply anywhere USA.

If your already a student, go to the DOCUMENTS section of our members only website 1000Houses.NET after the session and look for your copy:

Special Provisions – BUYING
Special Provisions – SELLING

My executive assistant of 20 years (my daughter) always reviews these special provisions right next to the contracts before they go out to get signed.

There are too many good provisions and too many “certain situations” to remember. A quick review of all the special provisions, with the contract/property of the day fresh in mind, helps protect my company and/or nail down some advantageous positioning.

For example:
You’re about to make an offer to buy a house and your offer requires the Seller to carry back a note to you (seller financing).

You have used a technique you learned from Mitch and if this deal gets signed (as agreed verbally already) you are going to get an interest free loan from the Seller.

You glance over the “Special Provisions – BUYING” and you are reminded of the “Substitution of Collateral” clause. Wow! Almost forgot about that clause!

You go back and include that clause in your contract… Because that clause is worth a fortune (you have an interest free loan for heaven’s sake!)…and you have FREE & CLEAR properties you could substitute if you ever sell this particular property.

One day you may be able to sell this property at tip top dollar but why give up an interest free loan?

With the “substitution of collateral” clause in place, you can do both things:

-Sell the property
-Keep the loan

You simply move the loan to another piece of free & clear collateral that fits the terms of the clause.

I bet you want to see that clause don’t you?

Sign up and then go to your members only website and find my list of “Special Provisions – BUYING”

And check out the list of  “Special Provisions – SELLING” while your there. You’ll see the protection or the dollar signs in every clause.

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You’ll pay every time you do those deals you should have walk away from.
You’ll pay every single time you don’t put that clause in your contract…you know the clause…that clause you haven’t learned yet.

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