Raising Private Money: Don't hold yourself back


There are so many reasons people don’t raise private money.

They think

I’m too old,

I’m too young,

I don’t have the right presentation,

I can’t figure out how to approach a lender,

I don’t know anyone with money.

Well I am here to tell you that all the above is baloney. 

None of these excuses are valid if you just learn how I have done this for over 22 years.

I have trained MANY investors in my coaching group how to raise private money and not one has failed that applied my processes.

Not one…

I have the testimonials to prove it but you can hear those later in the training.

Many of you know from my books that I did not always have private lenders when I first started my real estate business…buying and selling walmart houses for walmart prices.
In fact I had to learn the hard way…by trying and failing many, many times until I got it figured out. 
It literally changed my life when I found the right way to do it.
This is exactly what I want to show you how to do. 
I use the process that I teach…and it works if I you have deals and work it.

Our team has worked almost a year on this training. We wanted to be sure we covered everything!

This week the training is finally ready.  

It is on demand–enter your name and email. You will get immediate access.

So I invite you join the event we set up to go over what this unique and very important training will contain and why we put this together for you.
I can guarantee that something amazing will be happen once you realize you CAN get started raising money right away.

You’re going to think…”wow I never thought I could do this…but it is not really hard. I can just put into action these steps Mitch says to do…It ain’t Rocket Science.”







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