YOU must Find YOUR OWN Private Lenders


When I have a Private Lender in any city, I consume them.  Private lenders are the core of my businesses and are the most coveted asset.

To ask anyone to give you their lead on a private lender is to be completely Naive. 

Ron LeGrand has been quoted as saying, “I’d give you my wife, before I’d give you my private lender.”

Now, he says it in jest (obviously), but, he says it to make the point…

My private lenders…are MY private lenders.

That being the case, I can teach YOU how I found my private lenders and how to find YOUR OWN private lenders. It is a talent greater than finding great deals; funding is everything.

In my career I have borrowed over $300 Million in private money and paid back $300 Million. That is over a 22 year career.

If you are afraid you can’t find lenders then you need to watch my webinar and get my private money course now.

Private money is the difference between making a good living and being a multi-Multi-MULTI Millionaire.

Pick me, or pick someone else, but become a student of that endeavor

I’m hoping you can appreciate my honesty.


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