Private Money Advantage-Wholesale Deals

Private Money Advantage-Wholesale Deals

My organization doesn’t flip contracts. We actually take our wholesale deals down.

We don’t do this for regulatory reasons. We do it because it gives time and control and relieves us of the pressures those contract flippers put themselves under. 

By actually taking the property into our possession (actually funding and closing), we are able the go in and out of the property, to show it or to clean it up, with having to skate around as to why we need to visit the property so often.

It also gives us the opportunity to contract with buyers we have NOT done business with before who have offered a premium price. Contract flippers can’t afford to deal with strangers, even if they offer them a higher price, because they cannot take the chance they won’t be able to close in a timely fashion.

This is one more reason why affordable private money is so important. Because we have so much private money behind us, we can take all our deals down and wait for the right buyer and the right price.

By using private money, we are able to maximise our profits in a calm and relaxed pace of business.

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