Finding Home Buyers

Handing Over the House Keys in Front of a Beautiful New Home.

by Mitch Stephen

One of the most popular questions in the business is, “How do you find your buyers?” This is a very legitimate question. If a professional house buyer can’t find their end buyers/end users in a timely fashion, it can severely erode the bottom line profit. In the worst case scenario, it can bankrupt the company. So let’s slow down a moment and get to the bottom of this issue.

Don’t sit on properties. You begin your marketing the minute you consummate a deal. Yes, you may have bids to get and rehabs to do, but the job of selling begins immediately, if only in the set up and preparation phase.

Start getting your new acquisition entered into your website. You can hold it back from public view but you start entering in as much data as you can about the property immediately. If you don’t have a website, get one. You have to link to all the pictures and the information about your properties for sale, and a website gives you the central place to accomplish that goal.

Just for fun add a digital counter to the bottom of your website so you can be amazed at the traffic passing through. It’s fun to watch!

Start making the signs you’re going to use when the time is right and the house is completely ready for sale. I like to put 25 signs around the neighborhood for every house I have for sale. I always use somewhat generic signs meaning I’ll use the address (since that is not likely to change) but I’ll leave out the sales prices because I may choose to adjust that number up and/or down as time goes by.
Bandit signs seem simple enough; however, I once wrote a 9 page report on using plastic signs. Even I was amazed at how much there is to know about those little plastic signs. On the surface, you just scribble a message and nail it up somewhere, but when you start to think, “What is most effective?” things get interesting. If you’d like to see that report on plastic signs you can view it easy enough…

CLICK HERE: “About Bandit Signs” 

Use to get out the news of your new home for sale. This is a fabulous online service that put your new home listing all over the internet in about 45 websites automatically… and it’s free!

Last, but not least, use phone numbers in all your advertising that help you “Track” and “Capture” your customers calls.

Tracking is very important. The professionals always use special phone numbers that will allow them to know just how many leads a certain advertising method generates. The goal is to drop the least effective methods and double up on the most effective methods. Makes sense, right?

The “Capture” component takes marketing your properties to another level. This is a pro-active follow up system that makes all the difference in the world. When you use special phone numbers you not only keep track of how many leads were generated, you also capture every single incoming caller’s cell phone number in a “Text Distribution List.” This is a huge technological advance in marketing to your potential clients!

Check out what savvy investors are doing to sell their properties by visiting You won’t believe how amazingly powerful this new technology is and what it can do for selling houses. I started to write it all out for you but the four minute video explanation and diagrams make the concepts quick and easy to understand; far better than the written word!

So, simply go to and watch the video on the home page… and you can stop worrying about how you’re going to find your buyers. You can also register for my Livecomm on demand webinar 

Happy selling!
Mitch Stephen