STOP Being Afraid of Retirement (Reality Check)

truth about retirement

I have had enough of putting things off so I’ve decided to join Procrastinators Anonymous-probably tomorrow.

I’m sorry (not really) but sometimes I feel like thumping some people up alongside their head.  LOL

Yep, giving their old Melon a Reality Check!


Because I get scared for people who will find every reason possible and not accept responsibility for what their retirement future will become.

Hey, it’s YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY so it’s your responsibility to step up and become a good steward of your nest egg, right?!

Sadly, the American public has been brainwashed to believe that we are to STOOPID to make our own well researched investment decisions.

Wall Street, big banks and even bigger insurance companies have spent billions of dollars in advertising to convince every last person that they will make us rich. That we will be able to retire without a care in the world (can’t you just feel the sunshine and smell the Daisies?)

They continue to chant TRUST US; after all they are the professionals who have the wisdom and experience to take care of our money for us.

So, how has that been going for you lately?

I have a strong suspicion that you wouldn’t be reading this Blog Post if your retirement
dreams were already safe and secure.

No doubt you have heard the saying that…(finish it for me) Knowledge is ________!

If you said “power” I disagree.

I think the saying needs to be changed to: The application of knowledge is power.

Think about it, acquiring knowledge is impotent, unless you exercise the knowledge,
unless you put it to work in a positive way.

I talk to people all the time who are serious about researching their options for self-directing
their retirement money and, after I answer their questions, they vanish.

Then out of the blue, weeks or months later (sometimes years) they send me an email asking me a question. I will ask them how things are going and 90% of the time they tell me they are
STILL researching their retirement options.


That just as soon as the market rises and they recoup their losses they will be moving forward.


The market has a nice upswing in the last couple of weeks so I will pull the trigger when
I think it’s done.

Complacency is your enemy!

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Complacency is defined as; a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of
some potential danger, defect, or the like.

People who continue to transfer authority over their hard-earned retirement money to the traditional financial system will have to be content with whatever the system spits out in the end.

There is a television show titled the ‘The Haves and the Have Nots”. I confess I haven’t
watched it however the title couldn’t be more apropos for where people stand right now.

This country is rapidly dividing itself into two classes “the Haves” those who take action
and step back into the driver’s seat to steer their lives in the direction they want and…
“the Have Nots” those who remain complacent and blindly trust that somehow it will all
work out – that the system will take care of them.

The Power is in YOUR hand.

Your clock is ticking and it’s time to make a decision (before you run out of time)

Will you be a HAVE or a HAVE NOT?

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