Consistent Persistence


Balance has always been a struggle. Every time I concentrate on one passion, the other passion suffers. I’ve learned not to worry about as much anymore. It is the blessing and the curse of who I am. I use to say to myself, “I’ll never get it all done. Now I say, “I WILL get it all done! …all in good time.”

I find that, if I take care of the passion that makes the real money for me (Real Estate), there is enough time to revel in my not so lucrative passion (Music).

People ask, “How do you get it all done?”

They don’t realize that the music has been 38 years in the making. I wrote “Evergreen Eyes” in the 8th grade and sung it under my breath for decades until one day I found the right producer, singer and “out of the box” drummer… and had the money to get it recorded. Check it out at my music site. Many of the songs you see and don’t see have been in my head for years and years.

It is the long standing art of “consistent persistence, ” …never stopping no matter how slow or painful the progress, that makes it look easy to outsiders. I simply never stop. I keep honing both my business and my music endeavors. I keep growing both the LEFT and RIGHT sides of my brain.

I try to stack up houses that I “owner finance” for cash flow, like I stack up songs… one tremendous deal/effort at a time. Today I collect over 140 house payments from my buyers every month. That has taken 16 years…even longer if you count the years I had to stumble around to find the right business for me.

I buy and sell with “Owner Financing” in San Antonio, TX. www.Homes2Go.NET/

In 1991 I purchased a 13-unit boat storage facility in Canyon Lake, TX; where I live. I saved that money in a separator account and rolled almost every penny back into expanding that business for over 12 years…even adding my money into the business time and time again, in an effort to grow a business that would sustain my family. 20 years later, my wife collects an average of $50 EACH from 1, 000 units, in 16 locations around the lake…every month!

Do the math:

$50 x 1000 x 12 months = ?
I don’t get to keep it all, but, I get to keep enough!

The concept of “Delayed Gratification” is lost on most people. The trick is to get enough money coming in so that even after you’ve lived comfortably for the month, there is money left over to have consistent and persistent growth – FOREVER!

What would your life be like if every single month no less than $5, 000 got put into an investment account? Wouldn’t it turn into $10, 000 and then $15, 000 a month extra in a relatively short period of time? How would YOU invest that kind of money?

Here’s the catch; most people simply increase their lifestyle and never reach the ability to invest in such chunks.

Have you noticed that most people can’t stand to have anything left over at the end of the month?

Keep your lifestyle moderate when YOU start gaining in the cash flow game.

Let the money you save/invest eventually create a world where you really don’t have to work that hard.

Here’s another example…

My Life &1, 000 HOUSES; took 3.5 years to write and publish. It contains over 400 pages, with 19 photos and an 18 song CD.

I have been marketing it for a little over 3.5 years now…. That’s 7 years of persistent effort. Today, the book is finally starting to pick up steam. I’m very excited to see where it goes over the next 3 years.

But here’s the point; if if if this book is ever a success…it will have taken 10 years! …+ the lifetime I had to live so there was something to write about.

If you’ve gotten anything out of this piece, then I am almost certain you will enjoy my book very much. I have written it in exactly this style.

Would you like to hear one of the songs I wrote while in middle school (8th grade)? … soon to be released. That was a long time ago and it’s just coming to market.

Check out “Evergreen Eyes” at
“Flip This House” style video featuring yours truly