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Dodd-Frank and Consumer Protection

By Mitch Stephen / January 20, 2019 / Comments Off on Dodd-Frank and Consumer Protection

Dodd-Frank – Snodd-Tank… Hire an RMLO on a deal by deal basis and get on with it! If the RMLO can’texplain how he’s going to keep you compliant, fire him and get a new one!I used to not have closing costs. Now I do. Guess how much it costs? Guess who gets to pay for…

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Reality Show

By Mitch Stephen / July 22, 2018 / Comments Off on Reality Show

A few years back I was invited to give a tour of one my owner finance properties on this reality series. The clip only takes about 5 minutes, but it will give you an idea of how I make rehab decisions on some of these deals. Watch the clip… -Mitch   Take the next step……

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The Bandit Sign Police

By Mitch Stephen / June 20, 2018 / Comments Off on The Bandit Sign Police

“THE SIGN POLICE” From the very beginning, bandit signs have played a huge role in my success. I wish I knew exactly how many plastic, handwritten signs I’ve had hammered onto telephone poles in my career. It has to be some amazingly huge number, and, in all my years, I can only remember getting fined…

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New REI software [First Look!]

By Mitch Stephen / December 27, 2016 / Comments Off on New REI software [First Look!]

Once in a great while, something comes along and revolutionizes the way we do business… Today is such an exciting day, because this new real estate leads and deal software is being unveiled! Once you see how this software works and how it’s going to make your real estate business easy, you’ll know why I’m so…

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Get your comps instantly

By Mitch Stephen / December 15, 2016 / Comments Off on Get your comps instantly

This Single family software can give you instant comps: Most investors don’t know this just happened… –  Great market investment tool –  Beginner friendly software  –  Use this software on the spot –  Stay ahead of your competition  –  Get comps instantly  Watch this quick video Interested in multifamily? Here’s a link for that! -Mitch

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