Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

I’m Mitch Stephen and I’m looking for a few internet marketers to help promote my brand via “AFFILIATE LINKS.”

Internet savvy, computer literate, social media experience, and/or bloggers preferred.
We won’t have time to teach you these skills.

My company is and we will provide you with tons of interesting content you can post
by just copying and posting in social media and on blogs.

All of these posts has a Solid offer (mostly free) and your unique affiliate link is in them so you get credit
for those prospects that opt-in because of your posts.

Once you have an opt-in, starts to work immediately! We offer tons of FREE content
And have a very active BLOG.

Your Prospects get emails from us several times a week full of solid content and ideas.

You find the prospects by posting our irresistible offers.
We start selling to your prospects so YOU can get paid when they buy!

Almost every prospect starts out slow (low dollar).
There are several small purchase price items available to your prospects, ranging from $99 to $297…
these are deliverable online and, again, you get 50% of the sale price.

(note we have a 30 day guarantee so we pay the month after they
pass the refund date. This is a commission program.)

You get 50% of every product that is fully deliverable online and 20% of programs that require hands on
coaching by yours truly…Mitch (Me).

The serious real estate investors start to rise to the top, moving up to more sophisticated levels (bigger purchases).

You’ll get rewarded for everything YOUR prospect buys for up to two years.

We offer the weekly Q&A call every Tuesday at 7pm CST (Call went for 3hrs last night).
You make $500 if they buy Q&A for $2, 500 ….you get 20%

Also our premium level, the $10, 000 personal coaching we call “BE THE BANK” Mentorship (BTB) is the big step.

You get paid 20% ($2, 000) if we get your prospects up to that BTB level.

Our Infusionsoft affiliate tracking software automatically keeps up with your prospects,
markets to them, and tells us what you’ve sold and how much your are due to get paid.
You will have access to your own records to check activity.

So don’t give up on this early. is working to move your prospects up into the more lucrative purchases from the very first time they opt-in.
Imagine, it only takes one of your prospects to sign up for BTB and you’ll get paid $2K!

Student who buy our Pro Course can “Stair-Step”up to higher levels and we always give your buyers credit towards the $10k BTB when they buy…

Art of Owner Finance – Pro $297

Q&A (Every Tuesday 7pm CST) $2, 500


We provide all the posts you need. You just copy and post.

Contact Katherine at and tell us what your skill set is and that you are interested in becoming an affiliate.