Yes I Do Mentor


Yes….I Do Mentor… but I only take on 20 students at one time.

I suggest you get to know me, my niche, my style, and my philosophy on certain things.

You may want to start with my book.

It’s relatively cheap and will tell you a lot as to what I’m about…My Life and 1000 Houses.

Find it at
(See reviews on

Just start with the FREE STUFF and see if I’m for you.

I have a lot of inexpensive little things available so you can get to know me; nothing contrived.

I believe in everything I say and do. I’m looking for 20 students but I’m of the philosophy that they will find me… I just need to be available and out there with enough accessible material people can see what I’m doing and how I’m approaching things.

Kind of a sorry marketing plan…but I only want 20.

I have a busy life like everyone else…I buy houses for my living
(Homes2Go.NET) …I’ve slowed down…30 to 50 houses per year.

I own 16 storage locations in and around Canyon Lake, TX ( )

Hard Money Loan business
I loan my money to other investors.

…among other interests. I haven’t even gotten to my hobbies.

I’m just saying, I don’t make my living as a guru. I make my livings out there in the real world getting kicked around like everyone else…really.

My advanced online course is
THE ART of OWNER FINANCING – PRO 15+ hours of exactly what I know presented in an interview style.
($1, 497)

BE THE BANK” mentoring includes the above + Monday evening “Live” Q&A + over 400 hrs of archived Q&A calls + Sample Documents + My Personal Contact Info ($8, 500)

If I fit what you’re looking for I can definitely help. I have many happy references.

I only have 2 spaces left at this time. I’m certainly NOT going to hard sell anyone into anything so you’ll have to come to your own conclusion, but, I’ll be happy to explain anything you’re unclear on.

You’ll know if I’m for you. Call me if you need me.



–Mitch Stephen–
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