Podcast: Using Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Business

Using Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Business

Using VAs to Grow Your Business

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Mitch delegates and why he recommends you do it too
  • Why you should put as many people as you can on a plan where they get paid when you get paid
  • Moat Note Servicing: Mitch’s daughter Shannon’s service for delegating your payment collection and reporting
  • Acquisition agents (and the acquisition manager) – what are their roles
  • The sales person Mitch subcontracts with and how she manages the home sales
  • Why you should use Virtual Assistants from the Philippines and why the price you pay is well worth it.
  • Microbilt and Postcardmania: Skip Tracing and Direct Mail services
  • How to decide what can be delegated by tracking your tasks each hour
  • Using for seller and buyer leads

Enjoy the podcast!



Mitch Stephen is author of the book “My Life & 1, 000 Houses.”

He specializes in a real estate investing technique called Owner Financing