CRM And Automated Follow-Up With Donald Ross

By Mitch Stephen / January 3, 2020 / Comments Off on CRM And Automated Follow-Up With Donald Ross

Underrated as they may seem, CRM or Customer Relations Management is worth a lot of money in real estate, especially if you do it right. Here to offer his insights, wisdom, and expertise around this topic is Donald Ross of REI Automation Squad. Together with host, Mitch Stephen, they discuss the ways using CRM helps keep your connections…

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Mastermind 2020

By Mitch Stephen / January 2, 2020 / Comments Off on Mastermind 2020

Grand Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta: All-inclusive Adults Only If you are interested in joining us for our 2020 Mastermind in Mexico fill out the form below. We will send you more information about discounted rates and how to reserve your stay soon. >>>>>>>Hotel Website    

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Hacking Finance With George Antone

By Mitch Stephen / December 4, 2019 / Comments Off on Hacking Finance With George Antone

The Wealthy Code, The Banker’s Code and The Debt Millionaire are three of George Antone’s books on finance, and they’re all bestsellers! A leader in the finance and investment space, George has founded one of the largest networks of private lenders. Having found shortcuts in the financial system, he has hacked the game of finance to help impact people’s lives.…

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Lead Generation Through VAs With Joe McCall

By Mitch Stephen / November 26, 2019 / Comments Off on Lead Generation Through VAs With Joe McCall

A business should not be a one-man show. On today’s episode, Mitch Stephen talks to real estate expert and coach Joe McCall about lead generation through VAs and the importance of having extra hands to help you steer your business. Joe shares the reasons why you need to get a VA as soon as possible to manage…

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Growing Within with David Essel

By Mitch Stephen / November 25, 2019 / Comments Off on Growing Within with David Essel

As simple as changing the way you start your day can make a big impact in your life. This is what David Essel, the author of Focus!: Slay Your Goals has implemented on his daily routine that has worked wonders for his success. By growing within – that is, changing our mindset – David has revolutionized our possibilities…

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