How to release a House from PROBATE


My friend this is a message I have wanted to send for some time. A few months ago I asked my VA look for a thorough, simple and economical training about Probate.

She found an RE trainer who I really admire that has the training available so I decided to share this with you. This guy gives tons of real content and I like that about him.

My office started working with probate cases in the last six months with great success and I have talked about it with my coaching students recently.

But we had to figure it out on our own because we had no training course to show us step by step.

Most real estate investors have no idea that you can release a house (at 32 cents on the dollar) from probate and then buy it before any other investor even knows about the deal…did you?

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After release from probate, the houses usually ends up selling for pennies-on-the-dollar.  Cha-ching

And, if you’re the only investor that knows it got released…YOU SCORE BIG.

You can feel sorry “every other investor that doesn’t know”.  Lol

Knowledge is power, get it.

The case study on the next page shows one of the deals that was bought for 32 cents on the dollar and why no other investor even knew about the deal. 🙂

The deal closed FAST too.

And it was the same paperwork you’d use for any other deal.

Very simple, nothing fancy.

Check it out

To Your Success!


p.s. You’ll learn 2 keys in the video (1) How to get priority access to free probate leads weeks before everyone else and (2) A secret clause you can use to get the deal released…

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