Dodd-Frank Interview Special Q & A

Dodd Frank

Texas Attorney Scott Horne and RMLO Grant Kemp

Answer questions about Dodd-Frank

It is always my pleasure to bring the best experts in house to talk to my students. 

Whether you are one of my students or not you need to hear how Dodd-Frank is

NOT the end of owner financing, but an opportunity to be creative and stay within the guidelines.

This interview is in depth and will explain so many details you may want to take some notes,

then review with your own attorney.

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NOTE: I, Mitch Stephen, am NOT an attorney or otherwise licensed to give legal advice.

This is simply my opinion and it is NOT to be taken as legal advice.

Seek your own attorney in all matters regarding the law.

This is one example of a Coaching Q & A Call I hold live once a week.

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