Advertising with Vehicle Signs

In my book…

MY LIFE & 1, 000 HOUSES:
200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties

…I talk about advertising strategies you pay for once and then those advertisements work 24/7/365…for years and years!

Vehicle signs are one of those choices.

Let’s put expectations into prospective though. I just decorated three sides of my truck; Both sides and the Tailgate cost me $178.

I know from years of experience that this advertising venue is not going to produce hoards of calls. I know that the ads on my truck will only produce one to two acquisitions per year. It’s a fact!
I know this by data!

It’s also a fact that I average $15, 000 per transaction. The question is, is it worth $15, 000 to $30, 000 per year in income to decorate my truck this way? I think so….for now anyway.

Here’s the kicker, I told all my employees and associates that I’d pay for the stickers if they’d put my adverts on their vehicles for at least 2 years.

I also told them I’d purchase a phone # for each vehicle so I could track the success of their ads.

Furthermore, I offered to give them a huge bonus if their vehicle caused me to purchase a profitable property.

Five of them took me up on it!

My total cost was way under $1, 000 dollars
(Some just did their tailgate…$70)

Now I have five vehicles branding Cash4Houses.NET all over town…24/7/365.

If each vehicle produces one profitable acquisition, average profit $15k each, that’s $75, 000 in income!

If each vehicle results in two acquisitions, average $15k profit each, that’s $150, 000!

I’m guessing it’s going to be somewhere in the middle;
$75k to $150k.

Here’s the thing. I am the leader. If I don’t do it, why should they?

It’s important that I not ask them to do something I won’t do.

So, I decorated my truck. But make no mistake, I’m not decorating my truck for $15k or $30k per year, I’m decorating my truck for $75k to $150k. And in the event of success, I’m going to share some of that profit with the folks that made it happen…you can bet I will!

There is a reason why I’ll buy just under 100 houses in 2015. And it’s not because I’m smarter than everybody else. It’s because I actually take a chance on what I think will work. And then when I learn it actually works (or not), I don’t have to guess anymore.

Here’s a thought…
You really should get me on your team. You could short cut so much of the learning curve. I promise, I won’t take your money if I don’t think I can help you. We’ll talk before either one of us decides to move forward together. My team and I never pressure people to sign up.

There will be no “if you act now…yadda, yadda, yadda” …that’s bullcrap! We will both take as much time as we need and the price is still the same (within a reasonable of course). You know when things are right – right? Well me too.

It’s something to consider. If you’re the right person, at the tight time in your life, in the right market…I can help you – I have no doubt. Let’s talk about those three ingredients and see what we both think.

I’m not a mill house.

I’m accessible…
I’ve got to watch it, but I am accessible; especially to those I commit to.

Contact me at
If you’d like to explore the possibilities and what it might take to hit the next level.

Happy investing!