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Are Real Estate GROUP COACHING Calls Worth $3,500 ????

This is a typical Tuesday evening GROUP COACHING call.

Not one person left early…2 hours and 15 minutes!

One could argue that this one call was worth $3,500!

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2 hours 15 minutes

Mitch opens with a victory…~$250K out in the bank over the past 4 or 5 months on deals that didn’t fit the owner finance strategy – WholeTailing (across between wholesaling and retailing in a hot market using MLS) 

Dennis talks about using his $30K idle cash to find a partner with a great deal that needs a money partner

Brandon talks about his victories lining up…over 8 deals contracted and in the hopper at the title company

Two group members offer skip trace help for an incredibly low price; Two former “Special Agents” for the government and one person who passed a formidable inspection to become a subscriber to a very powerful skip trace software.

This is a great asset at a great price; find lost and hard to find owners. One real life example of a house bought for $35K and sold for a $90k PROFIT!

Natasha from NY decides to travel to mine for opportunities in PA for more affordable houses. A newbie that gets some great advice on how NOT to get overwhelmed…information overload is real…don’t go there!

Will and Mark show that going to help people pays big dividends in an expensive area hit by the Texas floods (Wealth Comes From Chaos):

Do what is right for the seller…not what’s right for YOU! They presented all the options to their seller…even those not in their favor…they didn’t get the house but, because of their integrity, it may just lead to some even more valuable than just one house deal… PRIVATE LENDER possibilities arise because they showed great integrity in how they handled their customer

Derek talks about a project to raise private money and Mitch ups his possibilities by adding another killer place to shop for private lenders…this idea is double dipping at its best! It could be argued that this one conversation was worth the price of GROUP COACHING ($2, 500)…no doubt!

Eric looks for help…he’s in Los Angeles…not great for owner financing deals (Houses are too expensive)…but he’s looking for help in Texas to take advantage of problem houses he has a line on. Hey, If you can’t do it where you’re at, do business in the area you can! It’s all about boots on the ground!

REMEMBER…It only works if you work it…

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