Dodd-Frank and Consumer Protection

By Mitch Stephen / January 20, 2019 / Comments Off on Dodd-Frank and Consumer Protection

Dodd-Frank – Snodd-Tank… Hire an RMLO on a deal by deal basis and get on with it! If the RMLO can’texplain how he’s going to keep you compliant, fire him and get a new one!I used to not have closing costs. Now I do. Guess how much it costs? Guess who gets to pay for…

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Owner Financed Value vs. Appraised Value

By Mitch Stephen / December 29, 2018 / Comments Off on Owner Financed Value vs. Appraised Value

Appraisers seem to get confused about value when different terms are injected into a sale. There is no doubt terms can affect the price. Here’s an extreme example: Can YOU buy a million dollar home? Most people would say, “NO.” If you ask those same people if they could buy a million dollar home if…

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Student Testimonial Owner Financing

By Mitch Stephen / February 7, 2018 / Comments Off on Student Testimonial Owner Financing

I recently became aware of a message one of my students, Azhar Hirani, posted on I not sure the post will get approved by BiggerPockets because of their strict “Anti- Guru” policy, but that ‘s beside the point. The real point of being a mentor is to help people grow…not the fee. I believe…

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Afraid of Dodd-Frank?

By Mitch Stephen / March 20, 2016 / Comments Off on Afraid of Dodd-Frank?

Recently I got an email from an Investor who had about 13 rental houses. He was tired of being a landlord but was afraid of Dodd-Frank, finding Private Money, and finding enough Great Deals. So many people have the same fears so I took some real time with my reply. This was my reply… The…

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Dodd-Frank Interview Special Q & A

By Mitch Stephen / October 16, 2015 / Comments Off on Dodd-Frank Interview Special Q & A

Texas Attorney Scott Horne and RMLO Grant Kemp Answer questions about Dodd-Frank It is always my pleasure to bring the best experts in house to talk to my students.  Whether you are one of my students or not you need to hear how Dodd-Frank is NOT the end of owner financing, but an opportunity to…

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