Special Provisions for Real Estate Contracts

By Mitch Stephen / February 9, 2014 / Comments Off on Special Provisions for Real Estate Contracts

If you are NOT signed up for my weekly Q&A calls… maybe you should be? These Q&A sessions have been the most rewarding for me, personally. When you sign up for the Q&A calls  (Every Monday at 7pm CST) you also get the archived calls; over 400 hours of recorded Q&A in chronological order. The…

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Attract Private Investors

By Mitch Stephen / September 29, 2013 / Comments Off on Attract Private Investors

Door Openers Attract Private Investors Recognize when you have one Slow down and take full advantage of it   Every now and then you’ll come upon a “Door Opener.” I’ve learned to recognize these certain situations and how to use them to proliferate the number of private investors I can call on. So what is…

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