Abandoned Houses For Sale

abandoned houses

Hey, if you’re having trouble finding deeply discounted properties…


The sellers will give you these abandoned houses for pennies on the $1.

This is a pretty sneaky strategy for finding motivated sellers.

My coaching students have been using a strategy we have discussed on Q & A calls just like this.

Get these amazing tools and training:

Why abandoned houses is such a potent opportunity

  • How to nail your abandoned houses opportunity market
  • Best areas to target for abandoned houses (and which to avoid)
  • The 3 best ways to get abandoned house deals (step by step)
  • 4 best ways to find abandoned house sellers (even those who don’t want to be found)
  • Creative abandoned houses marketing that gets results but costs almost nothing.
  • 3-step “Lead Magnet” campaign
  • 6-step “Street Blitz Method” for finding abandoned houses
  • Which parts of this you should (and shouldn’t) outsource
  • Unearthing vacant houses that don’t necessarily look abandoned
  • How to handle calls from abandoned house sellers
  • 5 secrets to gaining an abandoned house seller’s trust
  • Multiple abandoned house deal case studies
  • Exact systems, tools and scripts



-Mitch Stephen


P.S. One of the things you’ll like most about these abandoned houses is that a lot of them
are free & clear.  There are lots of ways to find them and if you try it you will be surprised how many are out there ready for the picking. … plus, the sellers are motivated to sell fast at a HUGE discount.

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