Mitch Responds to a LiveComm Realtor Inquiry


I use to text Realtors and find those who will bring me houses.  And this is the message I send them when they respond asking me what I need!  

Message from Realtor:

So I just got your text. I am a realtor.

Are you looking for a flip houses?

Houses to add to your rental portfolio?

Rehab houses? Or are you a wholesaler?

Mitch’s Response:

Thank you for your questions. I am the owner of Cash4Houses.NET
Typically, we seek to buy houses for cash and then “owner finance” them to our buyers…

But that’s not all we do.

In general we buy problem properties; title issues, foundation issues, homes in disrepair, burnt houses, etc.

I also buy properties from people who have problems; foreclosure, estates/probate, legal issues, divorce, transfers, health, behind in taxes, etc.

In short, I buy “situational properties.” We never pressure people to sell. We alway present a contract offer.

I am especially interested in the properties you turn down the listing on. I can turn your “Trash into Cash.”

I don’t need you to have a listing agreement to pay you a commission. I pay for leads when they turn into purchases – period! You won’t have to find me, I’ll find you. This is well known. That is why we hear about hundreds of houses per year before everyone else; we pay!

We typically acquire Walmart homes from Walmart people. That being said, I have a home for sale right now for $430, 000 on Devine Street.

I bought a mobile home lot last week for $7, 000. Last month I bought 6 mobile homes for $6, 000 each in a package deal and moved them into a park on the Southside. I really like brick and mortar houses under $150k but I’ll look at anything.

I am an expert at mobile homes: on rented lots or land/home packages. I’ve owned as many as 160 mobile homes at one time. I would love to buy a mobile home park.

I also love to buy and hold Boat Storage/Self Storages. I am ; 14 locations. I’m always looking to grow my storage business… anywhere in Texas!

I’d love to do some business with you. I’m an easy client. I’ll show myself the houses; my partner is a licensed agent. We do not cut your commissions and we are more likely to bonus you on cheap houses with small commissions.

I purchased just under 100 properties in 2015. I’ve bought over 1, 300 properties since 1996; 20 years I’ve been self employed.

I use Trinity Title over by Stone Oak @ Loop 1604. Chris Alston. They are used to me having to fix title issues and/or close fast. I buy a lot of houses because people are out of time.

I have people looking for deals every day. If you see Cash4Houses.NET on someone’s card, they are on my buying team. If you see Homes2Go.NET they are on my selling team.

You probably received your initial email from…

Dave Smith

Dave is in charge or bolstering awareness of Cash4Houses.NET in the San Antonio real estate agent/broker community. He is a fine man doing a great job…and he’s no novice to RE investing. He’s your “go to guy.”

Thank for responding. I’m ready to buy something!

–Mitch Stephen–