Don't Have Cheap Houses Nearby?

Don’t Have Cheap Houses Where You Live?

I hear this all the time from students and investors and it seems to hold them back.  Don’t let it!

I know a lot of people that love the owner finance strategy, but live in areas where there is no such thing as “an affordable home.” People in Los Angeles, for example, where a non-habitable fixer uppers start at $275k…and habitable fixer uppers start at $375k.

So what do these would-be-owner financiers do? Well, quite honestly, most of them do nothing.

However, some of them take on the challenge! They actually move to where the grass is greener and get on with the prospect of achieving their financial freedom. After all, if you understand “the art of owner financing, ” you definitely understand it is one of the most powerful strategies for achieving long term cash flow on the planet!

Other would-be-financiers simply have too many ties where they live and can’t just up and move. But the strategy is so good they come up with a “Plan B”. They choose a suitable city and state and set up shop! They live one place and buy investment properties in another place.

I actually paired up a friend/home builder in Phoenix, AZ with one of my “go-getter” students in Houston, Tx for that exact reason; my friend wanted to find cheaper homes and create a cash-flow stream where houses are more likely to fit the owner finance strategy. He partnered up with a stellar student. My Phoenix Friend needed boots on the ground, knowledgeable as to the lay of the land, and well versed in the owner finance strategy. My student success story needed capital because his ability to find great deals was out running his financial reach. It was a perfect match.

Building a business in a city other than where you live is actually a very effective strategy. Distance will actually force you to build the kind of business you should build in the first place. The distance will force you to put together a team and build a business that runs while you’re away.

When you can’t be at the shop every day or even every week, you build a business you “work on, ” instead of a business you “work in!”

That’s how you build a real business, if freedom is what you’re looking for.

I can help you build that team!
I’m on pace to buy at least 100 houses this year. I don’t personally find those properties. I don’t personally sell those properties. I’m not there at the closing when houses are acquired nor am I at the closing when the homes are sold. I have a real business…a business that supports me and not vice versa.

Unless you’ve done this type of thing before, please, don’t try this without hiring some help. If not me, get someone. Get someone who has done it. Preferably, get someone who is living it and who is where you want to be in life. Do your homework and get a professional consultant on board to guide you.

This is not an online thing. This is weekly, if not daily, consulting… with a very successful business mentor. Most likely they will NOT live in the city of your endeavor. An honest mentor will tell you, they do not want to help build their own competition.

Successful real estate investors have secret ponds they fish in, top of the top strategies they work on, and lists to mine that won’t work if everyone’s mining in them.

But they’ll be happy to help you destroy your competition in another city. And don’t be surprised if they make you sign a non-compete agreement that prohibits you from using their strategies to compete with them in their own region of business.

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REMEMBER…It only works if you work it…

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