Stock Market Makes Finding Private Money Easier

Stock Market Makes Finding Private Money Easier

Sometimes The Stock Market Makes Finding Private Money Easier!

I don’t own any stocks, but I listen with an ear towards the markets. On days when the stock market scares the living dog-dookie out of investors, it’s a great time to approach the subject of private lending with those who are getting hit hard by the drop in values.

Just a few days ago they were all financial geniuses, bragging about the great returns they were getting in the stock market. The fact is, you don’t actual get any return until you sell! And if they didn’t sell about four days ago, their bragging has stopped and the “peeing in their pants” phase has begun.

Here’s how the conversation might go…

ME: Wow! What’s up with that stock market these days?

FRIEND: It’s crashing like a plane out of gas!

ME: Do you have stock? Are you getting hurt?

FRIEND: Yes. Unfortunately I do and I am.

ME: You know, you don’t have to live that way. I can show you an alternative way to invest.

FRIEND: I’m all ears! When can we meet?

When the stock market gets erratic it’s a perfect time to focus on raising private money. Private money has been a major key to my own personal success.

Accessibility to a reasonable funding source changes everything! It’s the difference between making $100k per year and making $1M per year.

I’ve helped people overcome this hurdle. When they first stepped forward they were unsure of themselves; apprehensive.

After a few appointments they were optimistic. On they day they got their first “Yes, I’ll loan you some money” they became unstoppable.

I am amazed at how few people ask me for help in taking on this challenge. It changes everything.

When are you going to overcome the private money hurdle? Who are you going to get to help you?

I am throwing my hat in the ring.

Pick it up.


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