Cory Boatright interviews Mitch Stephen Art of Owner Financing


I recently had the great pleasure to talk with my friend Cory Boatright.

His title makes me smile as I have never thought I was a genius, just a hard working guy.

Click below and enjoy–would like to hear your feedback-this is one of my all time favorite interviews.

Mitch Stephen Cash Flow Owner Finance Genius in Texas

Here’s a bit of a description Cory wrote—hope you enjoy!

Today we dive into:

  • Why he started a career in real estate
  • The one strategy that made him a multi-millionaire
  • What he was doing before real estate and how it affected his current success
  • His worst deal and how he handled it like a pro
  • His Profit Masters Investing strategies and why they’re fool-proof
  • How he got good at saying “This isn’t what I do”
  • Why you should learn to delegate