By Mitch Stephen / March 22, 2014 / Comments Off on INVESTORS with LICENSES

I know many successful investors that have a Real Estate License and I know investors that are Licensed Attorneys. I think some disclosure is good and it’s not really that big of a deal. Either the Seller accepts your offer or they don’t. If I recall correctly, the LICENSED BUYER adds a line in the…

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By Mitch Stephen / February 20, 2014 / Comments Off on TALKING TO SELLERS

People ask me all the time , “what do I say when I get in front of the prospective seller?” So here’s an example:  You’ve located a deceased owner with a back tax problem. You had to hire a skip trace detective to actually locate the administrator of the will or the new heir to…

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Special Provisions for Real Estate Contracts

By Mitch Stephen / February 9, 2014 / Comments Off on Special Provisions for Real Estate Contracts

If you are NOT signed up for my weekly Q&A calls… maybe you should be? These Q&A sessions have been the most rewarding for me, personally. When you sign up for the Q&A calls  (Every Monday at 7pm CST) you also get the archived calls; over 400 hours of recorded Q&A in chronological order. The…

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How Important is Private Money?

By Mitch Stephen / January 10, 2014 / Comments Off on How Important is Private Money?

How Important is Private Money? One of my students recently got a house under contract in Houston, Texas. His strike price was $21, 000. With $10, 000 in repairs he could owner Finance the home for $84, 500  (Based on the local rents).  He didn’t have the money to buy the house himself. He didn’t…

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Yes I Do Mentor

By Mitch Stephen / December 12, 2013 / Comments Off on Yes I Do Mentor

Yes….I Do Mentor… but I only take on 20 students at one time. I suggest you get to know me, my niche, my style, and my philosophy on certain things. You may want to start with my book. It’s relatively cheap and will tell you a lot as to what I’m about…My Life and 1000…

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