Private Money

Private Money Advantage-Wholesale Deals

By Mitch Stephen / January 26, 2017 / Comments Off on Private Money Advantage-Wholesale Deals

My organization doesn’t flip contracts. We actually take our wholesale deals down. We don’t do this for regulatory reasons. We do it because it gives time and control and relieves us of the pressures those contract flippers put themselves under.  By actually taking the property into our possession (actually funding and closing), we are able…

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How to Select the Best Business Partners

By Mitch Stephen / January 4, 2017 / Comments Off on How to Select the Best Business Partners

I have recorded a solocast with me, myself and I (LOL) and I call it How to Select the Best Business Partners What you’ll learn about in this episode: The partnerships that Mitch has entered into Why your partners need to have integrity Why your partners should have subject matter expertise Why your partners need…

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Raising Private Money – 7 secrets

By Mitch Stephen / December 10, 2016 / Comments Off on Raising Private Money – 7 secrets

How to Find Private Money- 7 Secrets If you don’t know Dennis Henson you will be pleasantly surprised the vast knowledge he can share about all things real estate but especially HOW TO FIND PRIVATE MONEY. Dennis opened my eyes to tips that I have never even imagined! DO NOT MISS THIS PODCAST  Your Private…

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Stock Market Makes Finding Private Money Easier

By Mitch Stephen / August 28, 2015 / Comments Off on Stock Market Makes Finding Private Money Easier

Sometimes The Stock Market Makes Finding Private Money Easier! I don’t own any stocks, but I listen with an ear towards the markets. On days when the stock market scares the living dog-dookie out of investors, it’s a great time to approach the subject of private lending with those who are getting hit hard by…

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By Mitch Stephen / March 22, 2014 / Comments Off on INVESTORS with LICENSES

I know many successful investors that have a Real Estate License and I know investors that are Licensed Attorneys. I think some disclosure is good and it’s not really that big of a deal. Either the Seller accepts your offer or they don’t. If I recall correctly, the LICENSED BUYER adds a line in the…

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