Real Estate Mentor

Real Estate Mentor

Real estate coaching is essential if you want to become as successful as you can in less time in the real estate investing industry.  Failures and disappointments are always part of any long journey, but many mistakes can be avoided through real estate coaching and mentoring

real estate mentor

Mitch Stephen has become a leading real estate mentor in the United States after over 25 years in the industry. There are some very important checks that he recommends when choosing a real estate mentor or coach. You want to make sure that you are doing your due diligence when choosing someone to follow and work with. Be sure that the real estate mentor you choose cares about you and your business.  If they are only in it for their own gain, you will not get the insight that you are looking for and your success will suffer.

You also need to be sure that YOU are ready before working with a mentor. You can hire the best mentor in the world, but if your business is not in order or if you do not put the proper time into the real estate coaching, you will not achieve your real estate investing goals.

The connection between a real estate mentor and his or her student is extremely important. You not only need to fit in with your real estate coach’s strategy, but they also need to align with your personal values and goals. Just because someone has valuable insights to offer you does not mean that the relationship is the best fit.

Every great mentor offers one-on-one time to their students. You may run into some coaches who offer online courses or webinars, which is not a problem in of itself.  However, if they do not give you the specific time investment to you individually, you will only get so far. Accountability calls, group coaching calls, in-person meetings, and personal visits are all better ways to grow your knowledge than the supplemental coursework that many real estate “gurus” offer.

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